Ideas for a Mexican Themed Super Bowl Party

Thinking of planning Mexican foods for Super Bowl Sunday?

Here are a few ideas for a Mexican Themed Super Bowl feast… I know the list is long… pick and choose what will work well for you.... I threw in some other ideas that would work well with Mexican foods for those picky eaters.

I chose Chili because you can throw it into a crock pot and forget about it… it can stay hot in the pot as well… so it’s an easy serving idea…. I serve Chili with toppings for guests to choose from…shredded cheese, chopped green onion, chopped tomatoes, Guacamole, sour cream and chips…. So I also chose mini tacos… they get the same toppings… as well as, shredded lettuce and salsa…. You can make the taco meat ahead of time… so there’s virtually no work on Game Day.

I know I said keep to a theme… so Bavarian Cheese Fondue may seem out of place… but it’s really not… It’s a cheese fondue made with a dark beer… make large soft pretzels and cut them up as dippers… the guys will love them…. you can buy frozen pretzels in the freezer section at the grocery store… pop them in the oven …. Let them cool… and cut them up… also the cheese fondue is really quick… stays hot on its own… so it's really an easy party food.

Snacks and dips work well with everything…. I added popcorn as an alternative to chips. I included a veggie platter… I wouldn’t go nuts… just a few kinds of veggies… something for those watching their diet to snack on… add a Southwest Ranch Dip… make your own or buy it… either way it will work well. Salsa will go well with these too.

Buffalo Style Beef Empanadas with blue cheese or ranch dressing fits right in and they’re easy to make….

Potato Skins also fit right in to that “Happy Hour” feel.

Smoked Turkey Quesadillas and Chicken Dippers with sauces are just an alternative to the Chili for those not crazy about Chili…. The quesadillas are easy… use taco size tortillas... cut them into wedges.. the taco and chili toppings go well with them too… so put them next to them. The Chicken Dippers…. I would buy frozen nuggets… and put out honey, barbeque sauce and a mustard sauce…. again …little prep and not expensive.

I listed Corn and Green Chili Rice because it goes so well with Tacos and Quesadillas… depending on what you choose for main dishes… you can consider this… and it can be made ahead… it actually is better the second day.

With a spread like this… I keep sweets simple… you have to include them… but keep it simple…

I found this fantastic recipe for easy Margarita Ole Bars….

and Brownies are always a hit.

Tortilla Chips or Nachos
Large soft pretzels with Cheese Beer Fondue or Assorted hors’dourves (your choice)
Layered Dip
Queso Dip
Veggie Platter
Potato Skins
Buffalo Style Beef Empanadas with Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing
Smoked Turkey Quesadillas
Corn and Green Chili Rice
Chicken Dippers and Sauces
Make Your Own Mini Tacos
Margarita ole Bars


Anonymous said...

Great post. Mexican Theme always seems to prevail at parties here in Denver. However, I've been wanting to fondue for months. You may have just given me a theme for my party.

Linda said...

Thanks! Glad you got ideas from it!

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