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Three Great Beverages for that Backyard BBQ

Great food and beverages just go together with great friends and a good time... so here are three great beverage recipes for you to make...

Sweet Tea - once upon a time you only found Sweet Tea in the South.. not so anymore... seems everyone is drinking Sweet Tea these days.. and with good reason... it's delicious!

Lemonade - I grew up drinking lemonade on hot summer days.. for me.. just the smell of lemons brings back memories of those lazy days of summer.

Sangria Punch - this was a recipe from my sorority.. what was a Kappa party without our punch recipe?.. my Mother wanted it for one of their parties.. my Father scoffed at the thought.. his friends wouldn't drink that... but drink it they did... in high ball glasses... making repeated trips for refills... so much for them not drinking it.



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