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Recipe: Sweet Tea

I hadn’t heard of Sweet Tea until I met Warren… yes … I know… I must have been living under a rock… but you have to remember I’m a Yankee now in the south… and in the south Sweet Tea is on every menu and everybody drinks it.. well … all except me… I see it showing up on McDonald’s menus up north now.. so the Yankees have discovered Sweet Tea in the last couple of years too…

As for me… well… no one seems to believe this… but I’m allergic… yep… allergic to tea. I never cared for it.. and as a kid, I did become violently ill at summer camp when the nuns fed it to me… and yes… I’ve been tested.. I’m off the charts… a few years ago at a company barbeque I had some iced tea by accident … I thought it tasted like punch.. I never knew it was iced tea until I started to itch… everything but my teeth itched… thank God I only had a little… so… no… I’m fine drinking lemonade… I let everyone else enjoy Warren’s Sweet Tea.

Warren is the self professed Sweet Tea guru… so for this recipe.. I enlisted his help. We bought Luzianne specially blended tea bags for iced tea (family size)…. and he took over from there.


He made it in a 10 cup drip coffee maker… make sure you clean it out well before using.

You will need a gallon plastic pitcher… you can find an inexpensive one at Walmart.

It was a quick and easy way to make that luscious Sweet Tea everybody loves…. so here’s how to make it…

Recipe: Sweet Tea

All you need:

2 family size Luzianne Iced Tea bags
¾ cup sugar

All you need to do:

Put two tea bags in the top of the coffee maker (where you would ordinarily put the coffee filter).

Fill the coffee maker pot to the 10 cup mark… and pour it into the coffee maker.
Flip it on and let it drip.

After the coffee maker has brewed the tea… turn it off and allow it to cool a bit.

Put the sugar into the large plastic pitcher.

Pour the tea into the pitcher and stir.

Add enough water to make 1 gallon and stir.

Refrigerate until cold.

If serving guests… pour the tea into a pretty pitcher and serve in tall glasses filled with ice cubes.


Bitsy Baby Photography May 3, 2010 at 11:18 PM  

I love sweet tea =) I've never made it this way, will have to try! I am always laugh when I go to a restaurant somewhere "under a rock" lol and ask if they have sweet tea and they say with a little sarcasm "well we have tea and you can put your own sugar if you want" LOLOL =) For some reason it just never is the same when you add the sugar after the ice!

Linda May 4, 2010 at 4:25 AM  

Bitsy... Warren says the same thing!... I must admit (sheepishly) I said the same thing the first time Warren asked for Sweet Tea while visiting in upstate NY... ahh well... I NOW know...lol

Buffie May 4, 2010 at 9:02 AM  

I grew up on sweet tea and have a bit of an addiction to it. I drink it year round and think it's the best drink ever. Anyway, I have to agree that adding sugar after the fact is so not the same.


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