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Easter Egg Leftover Ideas

As with any holiday meal… there are leftovers… so what to do with them?

Eggs… eggs and more eggs…. some people like to eat hard boiled eggs as is…. I really don’t… I do slice them up and add them to a salad… so what to do with all of them?

Here are a few ideas...

Western Egg Salad - Of course there’s egg salad… but why not jazz it up a bit…. try this twist on egg salad… it combines all the things you love in a Western Omelet into an egg salad… AND includes diced ham… now how great is that?

Deviled Eggs - this one is a no-brainer.. the hard part (no pun intended) is already done... it makes a great side dish to sandwiches and even a meal.

Zesty Deviled Eggs ...Maybe make them with a little zip

Eggs Remoulade

Egg Potato Salad

Why not make a salad for dinner this week? Many include hard-boiled eggs.. here are just a few..

Cobb Salad

Chef's Salad

Maybe a lighter salad with some soup.. a great lunch or light supper...

Spinach Salad - A Copy-cat recipe of a Magic Pan Salad



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