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Recipe: Eggs Remoulade

When I was growing up we would go out periodically for Sunday dinner. The restaurants we went to were some of the best on Long Island. One of them served Eggs Remoulade as an appetizer. One try and I was hooked.

Remoulade Sauce has a definite bite to it.. not a fire breathing, set your nostrils on fire bite.. but a definite bite that lets you know it’s there. It really is a perfect combination with some salad greens and sliced hard boiled eggs… a simple but absolutely delicious combination.


You can lay the eggs on a bed of lettuce or fresh spinach… either one will work well.

The sauce is simple to make … ckick here for the recipe.

This terrific dish also makes a great light lunch… it truly is delicious!

Recipe: Eggs Remoulade

All you need:

Salad greens or fresh spinach
Hard boiled eggs, sliced
Remoulade Sauce

All you need to do:

Lay the greens on a plate.

Lay the sliced egg over the greens.

Spoon a generous amount of sauce over the eggs.



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