Recipe: Ham and Asparagus Omelet with Hollandaise Sauce

A Ham and Asparagus Omelet is wonderful... what makes this really special is the Hollandaise Sauce…. See my previous post on Hollandaise Sauces…. I posted a Classic Hollandaise sauce recipe, as well as, a lighter Hollandaise Sauce.

I like to use very thin sliced deli Baked Ham for this… one slice does the trick…just fold it and lay it on the ingredient half (see my perfect omelet instructions)
I always use fresh asparagus… I, personally, don’t care for the canned variety.

Just trim the hard end of the asparagus… lay it in a shallow baking dish…add a little water… cover with waxed paper and nuke in the microwave to steam… depending on the size of the asparagus and the power of the microwave oven… nuke on high for about 5-8 minutes until cooked but still somewhat firm.


Ham and Asparagus Omelet with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe:

All you need:

3 eggs, beaten with dash of milk
Pinch of salt
Freshly ground pepper
Deli baked ham, sliced very thin
3 fresh asparagus spears, cooked
Classic Hollandaise Sauce or Slimmed Down Hollandaise Sauce
Snipped chives for garnish (optional)

All you need to do:

Follow the instructions for making the perfect omelet

When omelet is set… lay the three asparagus spears on the one half of the omelet… letting the tops peek out of the top of the omelet.

Fold the slice of deli baked ham in half… . lay the ham over the asparagus.

The only change from the standard omelet instructions are....flip the second half of the omelet over the first and slide out of the pan onto a plate.

Drizzle Hollandaise Sauce over the omelet and garnish with snipped chives (if desired) and serve.

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