Making Perfect Omelets

Tip of the Day:

The easiest way to make the perfect omelet is to use a small non-stick omelet pan…. I prefer to make my omelet (egg portion) thicker rather than thinner… I find it makes sliding it out of the pan a little easier… and it can hold ingredients easier too.

I use an 8 inch non-stick omelet pan (8 inches rim to rim). I use a little butter flavored cooking spray (for some reason mine will stick if I don’t use it… wonder who names it non-stick anyway?).

I heat the pan over medium high heat. I make 3 egg omelets, by beating the egg with a dash of milk and pouring it into the pan. I then sprinkle shredded cheese on top (if I choose to make this with cheese). I let the egg pancake cook until the top looks set… then I peek under to be sure it isn’t getting too dark… if it is.. lower the heat.

At this point I will add light weight ingredients on one half of the omelet… chopped chives..chopped scallions… fresh mushrooms…peppers…. crumbled feta…. a little spinach…olives… things like that… do not over load the omelet.. as it will be difficult to slide out of the pan.

The picture shows a Ham and Cheese Omelet... I used thinly sliced deli baked ham... and shredded Cheddar-Monterey Jack cheese combo for the cheese.

If you want to add tomatoes… wait until the end.

I then place another pan… a larger sautĂ© pan over the omelet pan so the heat stays in and cooks the top…

When you are ready to take the omelet from the pan… add sliced ham if using (I use deli baked ham sliced thin folded in half. I lay the ham over the side I have any ingredients on.

Then take a strong solid spatula and slip it under the side you have added ingredients to.

If adding tomatoes have them already sliced and within reach.

Holding the pan close to the plate, slip the ingredient side off and on to the plate … keeping the 2nd half still in the pan… Lay the spatula down and place the sliced tomatoes on top of the ingredients…. Then let the 2nd half of the omelet slip off the pan and over on the other half of the omelet….

Perfect every time!

It sounds far harder than it is….

Things to keep in mind…

1. Keep the omelet diameter smaller rather than larger if you are adding ingredients.
2. Add ingredients (except for a little shredded cheese) after the omelet has set somewhat.
3. Add heavy ingredients like tomato at the very end.
4. Have all your ingredients prepped before starting.


AnyEdge said...

Wow, great tips. I wondered why my tomatoes were soggy.

Linda said...

Thanks... glad it helped.. I can't take total credit for the tip though..
I always added them too soon too... and the omelet was runny... so I asked a chef I used to know for advice and he was the one who told me not to add it until the very end.

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