Recipe: Eggs Benedict


Eggs Benedict has to be one of my favorite breakfasts…. Actually I will make it for dinner sometimes too.

This is a perfect Sunday breakfast… serve it with fresh fruit salad and some good coffee… hmmm … perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.

I previously posted a recipe for Classic Hollandaise Sauce and a Slimmed Down Version.

Want a spectacular brunch idea for a crowd?  Make these for your next brunch... so easy.. make the poached eggs in the oven... no standing over a hot stove.... click here for step by step instructions... How to Make Poached Eggs in the Oven


Eggs Benedict Recipe

All you need:

English muffins, split and toasted
Butter or margarine
Canadian bacon slices, grilled or thin sliced deli baked ham
Poached eggs
Hollandaise Sauce

All you need to do:

For each person, you need 1 English muffin, split and toasted. Butter each half and place on a plate.

Place 1 slice of Canadian bacon on each half of muffin.

Place a poached egg on top of each slice of Canadian bacon.

Top with hollandaise sauce.

I like to garnish with a few snips of fresh chives or a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.


Coleens Recipes said...

Breakfast is BIG at our house but I've never even tried to make eggs benedict. Thanks for the sauce post, I think this will be on the menue tomorrow.

Linda said...

Breakfast is BIG here too... I like it for supper sometimes...

Enjoy your Eggs Benedict... have the Classic one... yummm

Linda said...

You could also use a Knorr sauce packet.... they really are pretty good... I've made their hollandaise... and you can use skim milk... if you want it light..

(I know... horrors... using a convenience sauce mix... when you're in a rush and don't want to fool with it... it's not a bad substitute)

Unknown said...

Love your blog!!A shortcut Hollandaise...2 egg yolks, 1tbls. lemon juice, 1/2 tsp. dry mustard, 1/8tsp. salt.... put into blender container, then, in a glass measuring cup, place 1/4 lb. of butter&microwave 1-2 mins. until hot&bubbly...turn blender onto high and GRADUALLY add butter until creamy&thick...makes about 1/2 cup.
keep em coming!
Jim C.

Linda said...

Thanks Jim..

Virtually the same recipe but using the microwave instead... I will have to try it.. thanks!

Thanks for stopping by!

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