Recipe: Corned Beef Hash

I used to use the canned Corned Beef Hash until I met Warren. He told me he liked hash so I made it on one of his visits. Let’s just say I still take considerable abuse for serving him that heavy, fat laden mess. He showed me how to make it shortly thereafter.

I have no idea why anyone would bother using the canned stuff, this is so easy to make and while it certainly isn’t fat-free it’s nowhere near as fatty as the commercially prepared stuff.


We have corned beef hash periodically as a week night supper, or for a weekend breakfast with eggs. I love breakfast food, so it is definitely one of my favorite breakfasts. We either poach or fry an egg and serve it on top of the hash.

So for you hash lovers that are still using that canned concoction… just try this… you will never go back to the other stuff again.


Corned Beef Hash Recipe:

All you need:

5 large potatoes, peeled and diced
1 medium onion, chopped
1 can corned beef
Cooking oil

All you have to do:

In a large deep skillet, coat the bottom with cooking oil. Add the onions and the potatoes, turning to coat evenly with the oil.

Cook the potatoes and onion covered on medium high heat until the potatoes are cooked. You do not want to brown the onions or potatoes, so if the start to brown, lower the heat. Stir frequently.

Remove the cover and add the corned beef. I use a fork to get the corned beef out of the can, breaking it up as I drop in into the pan. Stir to incorporate the corned beef into the potatoes and onions.

We cook the hash mixture, letting it crisp up on the bottom slightly. Turn several times during cooking. (We like the crispy little pieces in it, if you don’t, turn more frequently).


Warren the Redneck said...

If you're using a non-stick pan or electric skillet, only use a couple of teaspoons of oil. We don't want it to be too greasy like that canned crappola. ;)

Warren the Redneck said...

Go on! Tell them what we really call it.

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