Easy Fruit Salad

Now how refreshing does that look?? All those wonderful fruit flavors…. vibrant colors… the perfect dish to bring to a BBQ … a delicious, healthy alternative to all those other BBQ favorites…

So no matter what part of the meal you’ve signed up to bring .. consider bringing a Fruit Salad… it’s perfect for appetizers to desserts…


If you plan on adding fruits that will brown as they are exposed to air… such as bananas, apples and pears… add them just before serving… or mix them separately with an acidic fruit such as pineapple or oranges to prevent discoloration… tossing them with a little lemon juice will also help prevent them from “browning".

The list of ingredients is just a list of suggestions… pick and choose what you and your guests like and what your budget will permit… keep in mind food allergies and anyone that has problems with seeds.

To keep costs down… try to choose fruits in season or “on special”… and use expensive fruits sparingly… such as blueberries… they had wonderful flavor and color to a fruit salad but you don’t need a lot to go far in your salad.

You can serve a Yogurt Sauce with your Fruit Salad … it makes a terrific accompaniment. It’s easy to make and can easily be made fat free!

I hope you enjoy your BBQ!

Recipe: Fruit Salad

All you need:

Fruit Suggestions:

Honey Dew melon
Other melons
Kiwi fruit

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