Recipe: Mini BLT Bites

These adorable Mini BLTs will surely disappear in no time... they're perfect for an hors'dourves tray... who can resist bacon??
They're also great stacked on a skewer... along side a warm bowl of soup... a perfect light supper.
I cut the crusts off.... it makes it easier to handle and looks the best.
Roma (aka Plum) tomatoes work best.
Leaf lettuce or butter lettuces are best.. actually butter lettuce is really the best.. it's softer and easier to layer on the tiny sandwich.
I highly recommend thick bacon... it will be less crisp and easier to push a tooth pick through... cook it until it's cooked but still a little pliable.  Drain on paper towels.
Make life easy on yourself.. make your bacon in the oven.. it's easy ... line the pan with foil and clean-up is a snap.  Click here for a "how-to" post about making bacon in the oven.
Try this for your next gathering.. a sure fire hit!

Recipe:  Mini BLT Bites
All you need:
Thick cut smoked bacon, cooked
Soft green lettuce
White bread, lightly toasted
Plum tomatoes, sliced
Toothpicks or wooden skewers
All you need to do:
Cut the crusts off the bread (as close to the crust as possible).
Spread mayo on one side of the bread.
Cut the bread into quarters... then layer lettuce tomato and a small piece if bacon on a quarter.  Place another quarter on top (mayo side down and secure it by pushing a toothpick through it.


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