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Recipe: Grilled Ham and Swiss on Pumpernickel

This sandwich reminds me of my childhood…. ham and pumpernickel… to me.. it just goes together like salt and pepper… when I think of a sandwich made with pumpernickel bread… I just think of ham… and with ham goes Swiss cheese … grainy brown mustard… heavenly.. for sure.

Recently I saw it on a menu.. and debated about ordering it and instead chose something else.. but that sandwich was on my mind…. so.. pumpernickel, smoked deli ham and Swiss cheese went on the shopping list.


This sandwich is delicious grilled or not… make it whatever way you prefer… grilled sandwiches are a nice change of pace.. and easy to make… so why not try it.

To grill the sandwich… use butter or margarine.. a little bit goes a long way. I use soft margarine…

As I mentioned in the beginning, this sandwich is great with a grainy brown mustard… however… I saw it on a menu with Thousand Island dressing… and decided to give it a try.. glad I did.. it was a totally different spin on the sandwich.. and delicious!

For a quick and easy killer Thousand Island Dressing ... click here for the recipe.

Serving suggestion… serve with homemade potato salad.

Recipe: Grilled Ham and Swiss on Pumpernickel

All you need:

Pumpernickel bread
Smoked deli ham
Swiss cheese
Thousand Island Dressing, homemade or store bought
Butter or margarine

All you need to do:

Spread margarine on one side of each slice of bread… then spread Thousand Island dressing on the dry side of one slice.

Layer smoked ham and Swiss slices on top of the Thousand Island dressing with Swiss being the top layer… place the dry side of the remaining slice of bread on top of the cheese… with the side with the margarine up.

Place on a hot grill for about 2 minutes or until the bottom slice has a grilled crunch to it… flip and cook until the bottom slice is grilled to a little crunch.

Serve immediately.



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