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Fabulous Sides for that Backyard BBQ

Grilling season is in full swing.. hot weather.. cold drinks... and BBQ... summer is the time for lots of fun and great food...

So what better time to post recipes for terrific sides to go with that BBQ... easy to make... and a perfect accompaniment for whatever you're grilling.

Here are some suggestions....

Salad - Make it a green salad...Lettuce is in season.. all kinds... so mix it up... make a big bowl.. it's not only healthy but delicious too.

Make a favorite dressing.. why buy bottles dressing when it takes only minutes to make your own? Here's a link to the Salad Dressing Collection Post...

9 Terrific Salad Dressing Recipes for Green Salad

Pre-Made Salads - Always a perfect side to BBQ.. there are a plenty of salads to choose from... from Potato to Three-Bean... and of course the timeless favorite... Macaroni Salad... here's a link to a recent post ...

Salads for Every Occasion

Deviled Eggs - these are a great "make ahead" addition to your menu.. make them Classic or Zesty.. either way they are sure to be first to go.

Boston Baked Beans... easy to make.. it really makes itself.. and it can be made ahead... a great go-together with grilled franks.

Grilled Vegetables - including Grilled Corn on the Cob ... easy to make... always perfect with whatever you are serving.. just click the links for easy how-to's

Hush Puppies - they cook quickly and are a nice change from ordinary fries

Cheesy Corn - a great dish with BBQ ribs and coleslaw

Baked Potatoes - always terrific along side a steak and just about anything else you grill... loaded or plain.. they're always a hit.. click the link for a how-to to make the Perfect Baked Potato

Grilled Cheesy Potato Packets - another quick and easy recipe with tips on short cuts to make it even easier.

Seasoned Oven Browned Potatoes - a perfect potato side if your grill is not big enough to accommodate the grilling of the meat and the potatoes..

Brown Rice with Mushrooms Garlic and Onions - Brown rice is not only healthy but has a wonderful .. almost.. nutty flavor... a perfect backdrop for the mushrooms, garlic and onions... great with Shish Kabob, steak or any other grilled meat...



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