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Missed National Pancake Day?

Did you know yesterday was National Pancake Day? … or was it?

If you look at my list of National Food Days… February 28th ...pancakes are mysteriously missing …but… thanks to the folks at IHOP… yesterday was National Pancake Day…. and to celebrate the day they gave away free pancakes!

Gasp! … You missed it??? You didn’t go down to IHOP and get your free pancakes?

Well… how about having your own celebration… even if it’s a day late… How about making a pancake supper tonight? Surprise the family… make them a great big stack of their favorite pancakes for supper. They will not mind it being a day late… trust me!

Sprinkle the special ingredients in to make each person’s favorite… be it blueberries… chocolate chips or even raspberries and white chocolate chips… whatever their favorite is… or better yet.. make up some of those fabulous southern favorites Sweet Potato Pancakes with Pecan Butter!

Here are some links to help you find that perfect recipe for tonight!

Light and Fluffy Pancakes

Southern Sweet Potato Pancakes and Pecan Butter

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

White Chocolate Chip Pancakes



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