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My Continuing Ice Cream Making Series

Today will have another installment in my summer-long ice cream making series…. today’s fabulous flavor was inspired by the Dairy Queen Blizzard of the month…. more about that in a minute…. but first… I want to explain what I’m doing with this ice cream making series…

When I first started Cooking Tip of the Day… I had a vision… no… seriously.. I really did…

I wanted a site that catered to the home cook… beginner to experienced… that wanted great recipes… that were not too time consuming to make or difficult… everyday foods that they would want to serve their families or friends on a daily basis… cooks like me… families and friends like mine… family recipes and new ones… using an occasional exotic ingredient… but not often… information about substitutions, conversions, herbs, spices … foods… wines… beers (to come)…

I’m proud of the fact.. I’ve stuck to my mission… and hope you can find something here to help you or inspire you in your everyday life.

Money saving has become a focus also.. along with health.. avoiding too many processed foods… and preservatives… so ice cream making just falls easily into these categories… I’m not here to dazzle you with my culinary prowess or with difficult recipes… I’m here to show you how easy things can be… and offer tips that will help you be successful.

As the ice cream series progresses… I’ll get into lower fat or non-fat alternatives… sorbets.. yogurts… so stick with me.. there is a rhyme and reason to my madness… I’m picking recipes to help you progress to the point you will feel comfortable striking out on your own.. trying new things… another goal to this series is to show you how you can truly save money in the long haul by making these treats yourself… and that brings us to today’s ice cream making post… Strawberry Vanilla Oreo Ice Cream


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