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Recipe: Toasted Coconut Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread

I love to make cream cheese spreads…. all different flavors…. I started making them in the early 90’s …. In upstate New York… well actually all over New York…. bagels reign supreme… especially on weekends…. there’s nothing better than warm bagels for a weekend breakfast.

The bagel shops sell flavored cream cheese spreads… all delicious… one better than the next… the problem is they tend to be expensive… so I experimented making them myself.

I would work at it until I duplicated their flavors… and made it for a fraction of the cost of buying it at the bagel shop. After doing it for a while… I started making my own flavor combinations… and trust me.. the only limitation is the limitation of your imagination. I have many savory combinations, as well as, sweet ones.

This recipe for Toasted Coconut Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread is one of those recipes… it’s just one that I made because I love the flavor combination… it’s terrific on toast, English muffins… and of course bagels…. I love to toast a bagel and spread it on the warm bagel… just delicious!


For instructions for toasting coconut see my Tip about How to Toast Coconut.
Reserve the pineapple juice from the can of crushed pineapple… you can use it to thin the cream cheese spread if desired or for other uses.

You can also use it as a stuffing for French toast…. then drizzle (okay …smother) some thawed frozen strawberries in light syrup over the French toast… and you’ll swear you’re on a tropical island enjoying a fabulous breakfast.

It’s easy and quick to make…. everyone will think you’re an absolute genius for making it… only you’ll know you got the recipe here and how easy it was to make.

Recipe: Toasted Coconut Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread

All you need:

1 pkg. (8 ounce) Philadelphia cream Cheese
About ½ can (8 ounce) crushed pineapple (to taste)
2-4 tablespoons toasted coconut (to taste)

All you need to do:

Cut the cream cheese into small pieces and put them in a food processor (you can use a mini chopper for this).

Add a ½ can drained crushed pineapple to the cream cheese. Start with a ½ cup and taste after processing… if you like more pineapple taste… add more … a tablespoon at a time. (I add a little more than ½ a can)

Add two tablespoons toasted coconut to the cream cheese… start with this and add more to your tastes.

Pulse until well mixed.

Scrape the spread out of the processor bowl into a ramekin and sprinkle top with more toasted coconut.


Judy February 22, 2010 at 4:20 PM  

Yummy recipe. Cream cheese spreads are so great on bagels and muffins.


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