Recipe: Mocha Crepes

This recipe for Mocha Crepes is so easy and …. It is sooooo decadent. If you love coffee and chocolate… then you are a mocha person and this is the dessert for you…. it’s a perfect blend of rich creamy coffee ice cream inside a crepe with the hint of vanilla flavor…drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce and topped off with a fabulous mocha whipped cream….

When I was growing up my Mom and I used to go to a fantastic restaurant called The Magic Pan…. if you’re a regular reader here… you’ve heard mention them before. My absolute favorite dessert there was their Mocha Crepe. The first time I had it… well… let’s just say it was love at first bite. I don’t think I ever ordered another kind of dessert crepe there…. I just mooched off others for taste tests of other desserts… but nothing came close to their Mocha Crepe…. it was positively orgasmic.

I’ve spent time in the kitchen perfecting my version of that wonderful crepe… the result is this recipe.

What’s also wonderful about this recipe is that it’s perfect as a show stopping dessert for guests. Simply make the crepes ahead… stack them with waxed paper in between them… reheat them until they’re just warm… so if you refrigerate them … then allow them to get to room temperature again or reheat them for 20 seconds or so on high in the micro.

The whipped cream can also be made ahead… just refrigerate it until you need it… I would make it the same day I plan to use it.

Make sure you use a good quality coffee ice cream… I used Häagen Daz… Starbucks is good too.

You can use chocolate syrup for the chocolate sauce, but the Chocolate Sauce recipe from Hershey is really wonderful and easy to make..

I would figure one crepe per person… so you can either cut the crepe recipe in half or use them for other crepe recipes…. if you need less.

I provided links to the crepe recipe and posted the chocolate sauce and mocha whipped cream recipes…. they are all very easy.

A word about the picture…. I put a lot of mocha whipped cream on that one… I ate it… I admit it… I loooove mocha whipped cream… usually a dollop would be enough …. But restraint when it comes to Mocha Whipped Cream is … well frankly out of the question…so now you know I pigged out… smiling the whole time!

Try this fabulous dessert.


Recipe: Mocha Crepes

All you need:

Coffee Ice Cream, slightly softened
Chocolate sauce (see previous post)
Mocha Whipped Cream (see previous post)

All you need to do:

Lay a crepe in the middle of a plate.

Scoop about 3 small scoops of coffee ice cream down the middle of the crepe.

Fold the crepe over the ice cream.

Drizzle the chocolate sauce or syrup over the crepe and plate.

Put a dollop or two (or three or four) of mocha whipped cream on top.

Serve and take bows for a spectacular dessert.


Donna-FFW said...

I absolutely love the sound of this dessert. LOVE. Must try this asap. Bookmarking.

Linda said...

you will love this!

highlandsranchfoodie said...

well, well, well doesn't this look delicious. Great presentation. My husband and I were just talking about Magic Pan a couple of days ago. We used to go to the one here in Denver. Great restaurant.

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