Recipe: Strawberries and Chantilly Cream Crepes

This recipe for Fresh Strawberries and Chantilly Cream Crepes is so good and just so perfect for that evening alone… kids are away or asleep… candles lit… maybe a fire in the fireplace… a light dessert that is prepared ahead and assembled in minutes just before serving. Garnish with a chocolate covered strawberry… and the presentation is stellar.

Actually this also makes for a great dessert for guest also sine you can prepare the parts ahead and quickly assemble the crepes just before serving.

You may ask just what is Chantilly Cream?… it’s freshly made whipped cream made from heavy cream with sugar and vanilla in it. It’s only within the last few years did I even realize this was called Chantilly Cream… this was the way I was taught to make whipped cream…

When I was a child we visited relatives in Germany… that summer, in Germany, was a bumper crop of the most wonderful large strawberries… wherever we went they had large bowls of these strawberries… and along side of it was a bowl of freshly made whipped cream… we called it schlag… oh was it good… something I will never forget… I think that summer started my love affair with strawberries… and of course.. this wonderful whipped cream.

For this recipe… see my Crepe Recipe and Crepe Making Tips… make sure you add the vanilla to the crepes… I cut the recipe in half… the recipe divides easily in half.

Since these crepes do not have to be hot… you can make them in advance layering them on a plate with wax paper between them… Before serving, I would microwave them for a minute or so on high… just to get them warm.

You can make the whipped cream ahead and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 hours… it keeps longer but after an hour or two it starts to get runny.

For the chocolate covered strawberry in the picture, in a small bowl, I melted in the microwave on high for 1 minute a square of dipping chocolate. Stir after a minute… and microwave until melted… after a minute, do it in 15 second increments… you don’t want to burn the chocolate. Just dip a clean strawberry in the chocolate and place on a piece of waxed paper and place in the fridge to set. You can find dipping chocolate in the supermarket usually next to all the baking chocolates.


Strawberries and Chantilly Cream Crepes

All you need:

1 pint of fresh strawberries, cleaned and sliced
1 tablespoon of sugar (optional, use only if strawberries are not sweet enough)
1 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons sugar
½ -1 teaspoon vanilla (to taste)
Powdered sugar for garnish

All you need to do:

Make the crepes according to the crepe recipe.

Beat the heavy cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar and *vanilla to soft peaks. Do not whip until stiff. *Start with ½ teaspoon and whip the cream… taste it just before it’s done whipping.. add the other teaspoon of vanilla if you want or leave out. I use 1 teaspoon of vanilla… a lot of recipes only use a half… it’s just a personal preference.

Taste the strawberries, if they aren't sweet enough, sprinkle them with 1 tablespoon sugar and let them set for at least 15 minutes.

To assemble… put strawberries up the middle of the crepe… cover the strawberries with the Chantilly Cream. Pull sides up of the crepe to cover the cream.

Sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar JUST BEFORE serving. The sugar will be absorbed into the crepe pretty quickly.

Serve 1-2 crepes per person.


Jaye said...

MmmMmmm! I can't wait to try this, thank you for a great "after date" idea :)

Linda said...

This is a wonderful dessert... enjoy!

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