Pizza Nachos

Who says Nachos have to only be Mexican? …. You can make nachos into whatever your heart desires…. My heart desired Pizza Nachos…. and they were delicious! 
I always have small cans (8 oz.) of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce on hand.  They come in handy in so many recipes… this is one of them.  You can use any variety you like… I used Roasted Garlic.  If you use the plain variety… add a teaspoon of Italian seasoning and a ¼ teaspoon garlic powder and a ½ teaspoon onion powder to the sauce to add that pizza flavor.
I can of tomato sauce is just enough for a 10 inch pan of nachos (layered).
Use a thick Restaurant style tortilla chip… I personally like Mission brand.. they are nice and thick.. perfect for nachos.
I used thin sliced pepperoni… I get mine by the deli counter in the grocery store… they tend ot be very thin large rounds… quarter them… they will be perfect for this.
You can use any toppings you prefer… the ingredients listed are only my suggestions.  As you can see from the picture.. we are fans of black olives.. if you’re not.. leave them out.
I used sliced red onion.. it went perfectly with the pepperoni and mushrooms. 
You can use any mushrooms you have on hand.. in a pinch .. sliced canned mushrooms work.. most pizzerias use canned mushrooms in their pizzas.
I highly recommend you use a thick cut pizza style shredded mozzarella cheese… the finer cut shredded mozzarella doesn’t melt as well.
I used a non-stick cast iron skillet that can go directly in the oven.. it’s worth its weight in gold for sure.. I use mine all the time.. if you don’t have one.. use any non-stick baking sheet or pan.  The size of my skillet is 10 inches… but you can use any size you have.
The ingredient amounts have been left out on purpose… use your judgment… depending on how much you make and your preferences…. I used about ¼ of a bag of chips, 1 can of sauce, 2 thick sliced red onion (diced), about a dozen thin slices of pepperoni (cut up), about ½ cup of mushroom slices and about 3 handfuls of shredded mozzarella….. for a 10 inch skillet of nachos.
Be sure to give it a light spray of olive oil cooking spray before popping it in the oven.. it helps melt the cheese and get gooey.
Baking time is quick .. all you need is to melt the cheese.. so keep an eye on them and don’t walk away.
The pan doesn’t get horribly hot… but it is very hot right out of the oven.. allow it to cool before serving… it only takes about 5-10 minutes to cool down.
Try this easy recipe for a different spin on the usual nachos!

Recipe:  Pizza Nachos
All you need:
Tortilla chips
1 small can (8 oz.) Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, any variety
Thin sliced pepperoni, quartered
Sliced black olives
Chopped red onion
Sliced mushrooms
Thick cut shredded Mozzarella
Olive oil cooking spray
All you need to do:
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Put a layer of chips in the skillet or pan… drizzle sauce lightly over them, then sprinkle your ingredients… go lightly with the cheese on the bottom layers… put most of the cheese on the top layer.
Repeat your layers.. I usually do about 3 layers.  Lightly spray the top layer of cheese with olive oil cooking spray.
Bake until the cheese just melts… it took mine about 7 minutes.  Don’t leave unattended.. you don’t want the chips to burn or the cheese to brown… so watch it and take it out immediately after the cheese melts.  Allow to cool enough to handle.. then serve.


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