Italian Meatlover's Salad

A delicious and hearty salad... the actual name is simply "The Porky" ... a popular little Italian place near us has this salad on their menu.. and it's a favorite of mine so I thought I would share it.  Easy to make... filling and delicious!
A Meatlover's Salad.... as one might expect.. has a load of meat in it... chopped ham, bacon and pepperoni... an odd combo .. at least I thought so until I tasted it.. we've been friends ever since.
For those on a low carb diet... you are in like flint with this little salad... depending on the dressing you choose.. which may add a few carbs... it's an extremely low carb meal.
If you want to watch your fat intake.... try using lower fat alternatives for the meats... Canadian bacon would be an excellent sub for the chopped ham or bacon...  use a low or non-fat dressing... and I do add shredded cheese in the recipe as well as meat.. so you can go lower fat there too.
I use ranch dressing, but any dressing of your choice will work with this.
Diet tip:  when the family wants to go to a pizza place for supper... don't feel like you have to "kill the day" by having pizza or a sub... and don't feel left out... most places have a couple of salads to choose from... most at least have an antipasto salad which would be a great alternative if you're watching carbs.
An easy and filling salad.. a great meal option for those watching their carbs!

Recipe:  Italian Meatlover's Salad
All you need:
Salad greens
Cooked chopped bacon
Chopped pepperoni
Chopped ham
Sliced tomato
Shredded mozzarella or Italian blend cheese
Ranch Dressing
All you have to do:
Layer the ingredients and enjoy!

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