Fabulous Friday: Spring Centerpiece Ideas

A pretty table can take an ordinary meal and make the whole experience fabulous. I thought I would do an extension of last week's Fabulous Friday Post that featured Easter Place Setting and table Ideas... and feature Spring Centerpiece Ideas...

Setting a pretty table does not have to be expensive or hard to put together... using household items such as pitchers, glasses and bowls ... filling them with spring flowers or fruit and vegetables... candles... can be both simple and elegant.

The picture above is from Martha Stewart. I love her ideas, she has so many simple ideas.. nothing says spring like flowers and a garden... so what better way to make a centerpiece than by using something from the garden, like this watering can. She has a terrific slide show of ideas.. click the link to see more.

Here are some of the best finds I found this week.. I hope these ideas inspire you..

This first picture caught my eye because it reminded me of when I was first married. We couldn't afford to decorate with expensive things so I took the simpliest things and used them in our loft.... our first spring as a married couple... I placed plain, inexpensive clay pots of daffodils on our table...

The picture above came from Home Goods... this bright centerpiece is simply made of bright yellow daffodils ... set the pots into a basket and you're good to go.

The next two pictures show what you can do using a simple pitcher and plain glass bottles...

I have a classic white pitcher I always fill with flowers... inexpensive pink carnations from the grocery store.. they last for about two weeks and brighten a table right up.

Collect unusual glass bottles... olive oil bottles are particularly good... even the ones that have the label embedded in the glass... just pick flowers that compliment the colors in the label..

These next pictures are from Ideal Home Garden... a wonderful site.. with how-to instructions for their many creative ideas.

Pretty teacups and teapots also make wonderful bases for centerpieces. This next one is from Better Homes and Gardens... click the link to their slide show of many ideas for spring centerpieces.

This next one is also from the folks at Ideal Home Garden... a pretty little bird cage... i have seen these at craft stores... and with the little ceramic bird on top... so springy and sweet... perfect for a spring luncheon table.

This next idea, also from Ideal Home Garden, perfectly illustrates using fresh fruits as a centerpiece.

It reminds me of a scene from the movie The Breakup with Jennifer Aniston. She becomes upset with her boyfriend (Vince Vaughan) for only bringing home a few lemons.. he just doesn't understand why she needed more... she sighs... it was for the centerpiece... I thought... great idea!

Lemons and limes work really well as a centerpiece.. a metal wire basket is perfect for it as is this bowl...

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