Recipe: Romantic Brownie Sundaes

How can a Brownie Sundae be romantic? Well… with a heart shaped brownie for starters… add some vanilla ice cream… maybe a sliced strawberry on the side… oh wait!... must not forget the chocolate syrup and maybe a little whipped cream…. definitely a cherry on top…. and make it for TWO!

So… are you following me now?.... ahhh… stuck at the “heart shaped brownie” thing…. well… there are a number of ways to solve that…

For one… Nordic Ware … as well as Wilton … makes tins with heart shaped molds…. I have a Nordic Ware pan… it’s heavy… bakes evenly and makes some pretty nice looking baked goods… brownies included.

If you don’t have one of these or can’t find one this close to Valentine’s Day… bake your brownies… be sure to foil line your pan… then lift out the brownies and cut them into heart shapes… use a cookie cutter as a template…. The specialty pans are best… but this isn’t too bad of an alternative either.

Make them small… make a plate for two and dive in together.. I doubt your mate will complain… after all.. isn’t chocolate for lovers?


These specialty pans are great… but I could not find baking instructions for brownies… the big question being… how long to bake them… so I dug deep and came up with my own reasoning… which … thankfully.. worked.

The pan I used by Nordic Ware has ¼ cup molds…. about the same size as a regular muffin tin … I did find one source that recommended brownies made into cupcakes (not minis) bake for 25-28 minutes…. so that’s what I did… I found that 28-29 minutes was about right… any less… the center was still a little batter like… something I complained about and my taste tester deemed “just fine” … he’s a batter bowl licker from way back.

You can check doneness by sticking a tooth pick in the center… if you like chewy brownies stick to about 29 minutes… drier brownies should be about 31-32 minutes… each pan and batter is slightly different so use this as a guide.

By the way… the hearts will have cracks in the tops … which kinda bothered me.. I thought they looked like broken hearts… ummm… my guy never noticed… he was too busy licking his plate.

Recipe: Romantic Brownie Sundaes

All you need:

Brownies (heart shaped or not) homemade or with a mix
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate syrup
Maraschino cherries
Sliced strawberries
Whipped cream (optional)

All you need to do:

Make the brownies according to package or recipe directions (see tips).

Arrange brownies on a plate with ice cream, strawberries and cherries…

A little chocolate syrup and you’re good to go!


Simply Creations said...

Great idea & so much more romantic having dessert at home, rather than in a restaurant!

Thanks, Linda ... Your blog & recipes rock ;)

Linda said...

Thanks! I'm so glad you like it!

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