Recipe: Mexican Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Burrito

As some of you may know from previous posts… I recently discovered Mexican Chorizo… and fell in love with it…. I love the zippy flavor…

My only complaint and it is a small complaint.. is that it tends to be quite greasy… that problem is easily solved by draining the cooked sausage on paper towels…

I decided to make a breakfast burrito with it one Saturday.. we happily ate our fill of it… a perfect weekend breakfast.


I highly recommend that you drain the cooked sausage on paper towels, as I mentioned earlier.

I used whatever brand of chorizo I found in the hot dog section of the grocery store.

I like to use a combination of red, green and yellow bell pepper… they’re regulars on our grocery list…. you can use all of one or any combination you want…. Keep in mind …. green pepper has a stronger taste than red or yellow….

You can sub frozen hash browns for the fresh potatoes …. When using the fresh potatoes, you want to dice them as small as the frozen ones are.

This recipe will make 4 very large breakfast burritos. I ate one … Warren had two… I would figure most men and teen boys will want two…. just so you can figure quantities when making it.

I hope you enjoy this delicious breakfast!


Recipe: Mexican Chorizo and Eggs Breakfast Burrito

All you need:

2 small links of Mexican chorizo
½ cup diced pepper (red, green and/or yellow) *see Tips
2 medium potatoes, small diced
About a handful of chopped green onion (green and white parts)
6 eggs
Dash of milk
¼ cup finely shredded Mexican blend cheese
Sour cream

All you have to do:

Remove the casings from the chorizo and break up the contents in a hot large skillet… cook over medium high heat until cooked through. Break up any large clumps.

Remove the cooked sausage from the skillet with a slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.

Add the small diced potatoes to the grease left in the skillet. Toss to evenly coat them.

Cook over medium heat with the lid on… stirring frequently. After about 5 minutes add about ¼ cup hot water to the hot skillet to create steam… replace the lid and allow to cook for a few more minutes.

Remove the lid and add the diced pepper and drained cooked chorizo… stir to mix well…. allow to cook until fairly soft and the potatoes begin to crisp a bit… and are cooked through…. about 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, beat the eggs with the milk.

Pour the egg mixture over the peppers, potatoes and chorizo.

Sprinkle the shredded cheese and chopped green onion over the top.

Cook as you would scrambled eggs.

Serve with large tortillas … and sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

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