Recipe: Fluffy White Frosting or 7 Minute Frosting

Fluffy White Frosting or 7 Minute Frosting as it is also known as… has been around since…. well… let’s put it this way… Wilma Flintstone probably made it for Bam Bam and Pebbles. This Fluffy White Frosting is easy to make…. and true to its other name… takes really only about 7 minutes… actually I think 10 minutes is probably closer to it… but nevertheless … a quick and easy frosting.

Fluffy White Frosting is one of those odd frostings… not the greatest to lick off your fingers… unless you’re a fluff fan … you know the stuff some people put on peanut butter….. but as frosting on a cake or other baked good… it really is good… a light vanilla flavor and just the right sweetness to add to a cake.

And.. yes.. in my opinion…. it tastes like marshmallow… not at all a bad thing.. for sure.

This recipe is a traditional Fluffy White Frosting recipe.. found in countless cookbooks … most are identical to this.. some use corn syrup instead of making the sugar syrup… the results are the same..


I use my standing mixer… God Bless those cooks that made this before standing mixers… egg whites take a while to beat…

I get everything ready… and flip on the mixer to beat the egg whites while I cook the water and sugar mixture… by the time the sugar has dissolved and the mixture bubbles… the egg whites should be almost to soft peaks.

This recipe is not like other frosting recipes that use powdered sugar.. this uses granulated sugar that gets dissolved in water (to make a sugar syrup).

I beat my frosting the 5-7 minutes in the recipe (hence the name 7 Minute Frosting)… the frosting it yields is quite stiff… if you prefer frosting a little softer.. simply beat it less.

Once I’ve poured the syrup into the egg whites, I set a timer to 5 minutes so I know exactly how long I’ve beaten the frosting.

This recipe makes enough to frost a layer cake or a sheet cake.

This frosting is not what I would call a creamy frosting … like a cream cheese or buttercream frosting… it is sticky and shiny… easy to decorate with sprinkles or toasted coconut, they stick to it very easily.

I hope you try this recipe … remember homemade is so much better than getting it in the can… cheaper too!

Recipe: Fluffy White Frosting or 7 Minute Frosting

All you need:

1 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup water
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon vanilla

All you need to do:

Put the egg whites and vanilla in a mixer bowl. Beat them with the mixer on medium high. Beat to soft peaks.

Meanwhile, put the sugar, water and cream of tartar in a small saucepan and cook over medium high heat, stirring occasionally.

Cook until the sugar dissolves… it will be a clear syrup .. and bubbles.

Remove from the heat.

Once your egg whites are beaten to soft peaks, with the mixer on, slowly pour in a steady stream… the sugar syrup into the beaten egg whites.

Beat 5-7 minutes until desired thickness.

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