Recipe: Triple Chocolate Trifle

Triple Chocolate Trifle is a fabulous dessert that’s quick and easy to throw together… made with chewy chocolately brownies covered with rich chocolate pudding…. and here’s the surprise…. sprinkled with chopped mini candy bars…. use your favorite candy bar… make each different to suit each person…. We used chopped Snickers (Warren’s favorite) and Milky Way bars (my favorite).

It was a great treat… so good in fact… I’m going to head to the kitchen after posting this to get my chocolate “hit” of the day….


You can make this from scratch …. I have terrific brownie and chocolate pudding recipes… or use the boxed varieties…

I used “fun sized” candy bars… cut them down the center and then cut them across to make little cubes….

Before you roll your eyes and decide not to make it for kids…. I only used one candy bar per serving… and it was a small candy bar…. Trust me everyone will love this.

Recipe: Triple Chocolate Trifle

All you need:

Brownies (my recipe or boxed)
Chocolate pudding (my recipe or boxed)
Fun-size candy bars
Whipped cream

All you need to do:

Make brownies.

Make chocolate pudding.

Cut a brownie and break it up into the bottom of an individual trifle glass.

Put a serving of chocolate pudding on top of the brownie.

Cut up a fun-size candy bar and sprinkle over the pudding.

Put a dollop of whipped cream on top.

2 comments: said...

This sounds yummy Linda.

Thanks for sharing.

Katy ~ said...

LOL my teeth are aching just reading this wonderfully decadent recipe! Lots of WOW in this dessert!!

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