Fresh or Frozen Turkey – Your Decision

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Choosing a fresh or frozen turkey is a matter of preference. There are some things to think about when making the decision.

Thawing Time

The biggest thing to think about when choosing a fresh versus a frozen turkey is that a fresh turkey requires no thawing. A frozen turkey will require several days of thawing (I will post a thawing guide, as well, there are different methods of thawing, some take longer than others).

Taking Advantage of Sales

A frozen turkey will allow you to purchase it well in advance and take advantage of any sales that your area might have in early November.


Storage is another consideration…. Do you have the freezer space to store the turkey? Take into account any other needs you might have for freezer space for the month.


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

I can not resist a sale.. Target has butterball on sale for 88 cents a pound... bought three

Linda said...

Cool deal! I'm used to lots of food sales close to the holidays... in upstate NY the grocery chaims are extremely competitive.... unfortunately not so in South Georgia... I noticed prices went up...

Our Target doesn't have a grocery section... well it does... but very small and only cleaning goods and some dry goods...:(

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