Meats, Cheeses (Cold Cuts) and Condiment Buying Guide for a Crowd

If your planning on serving cold cuts for a party, it is helpful to have an idea how much to order. Many delis and deli counters at supermarkets offer information on how much to order for various size parties.

They're very helpful…. however keep in mind that much depends on how much other food you plan to serve. Those guides don’t usually take into account any other foods that might be served because they would have no way of knowing what you have planned.

This guide gives you an approximate amount of meat and cheese that would normally be consumed in a serving.

The buying guide I have figures 1 ½ buns per person… while I doubt many will eat half a bun… some guests may eat two… so I do agree with the total amounts they figure on.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Ham, Turkey, Cold Cuts (½ oz. slices) - Serving Size = 2-3 oz. or 4-6 slices (on 1 ½ buns)

For 25 servings = 3-5 lbs. (that’s a total of all varieties of meat.. for example; 2 lbs. Ham, 2 lbs. Turkey and 1 lb. Salami)
For 50 Servings = 7-9 lbs.
For 100 Servings = 14-18 lbs.

Cheese (½ oz. slices) - Serving Size = 1-1 ½ oz. or 2-3 slices

For 25 servings = 1 ½ lb.-2 ½ lbs.
For 50 Servings = 3-5 lbs.
For 100 Servings = 6-10 lbs.

Buns - Serving Size = 1 ½ buns

For 25 Servings = 3 dozen
For 50 Servings = 6 dozen
For 100 Servings = 12 dozen

Condiments – Serving Size varies depending on the condiment

Mayonnaise - Serving Size = 1-2 teaspoons

For 25 Servings = ½ to 1 cup
For 50 Servings = 1-2 cups
For 100 Servings = 2-4 cups

Mustard – Serving Size = 1 teaspoon

For 25 Servings = ½ cup
For 50 Servings = 1 cup
For 100 Servings = 2 Cups

Olives (small or medium) – Serving Size = 1 teaspoon

For 25 Servings = ½ cup
For 50 Servings = 1 cup
For 100 Servings = 2 cups

Pickles (medium spear) – Serving Size = 1

For 25 Servings = 1 quart
For 50 Servings = 2 quarts
For 100 Servings = 4 quarts

Source: Classic Pillsbury Cookbooks No. 147 May 1993 - All New Party Cook Book

Photo:  Publix Supermarkets


Sherri Murphy said...

Very helpful. Thank you.

Linda said...

You are most welcome!

Unknown said...

Wow! This is too cool! Thank you so much! This wlll be very helpful for ministry meetings also!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! Thank you!

Karen said...

Thank you so much! Very helpful. Planning a bachelorette party for women. This probably saved me a few 'extra' trips to the grocery store. :)

Ms. Stanton's class blog said...

Thank you so much, this was very helpful. I had no idea how much to buy for my class field trip!

Unknown said...

Perfect!!! Ty🙂

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