Easy Fudge Hearts

Two ingredient Fudge… and only a few minutes to make it…  a perfect last minute gift!
I must admit this fudge isn’t quite the same as fudge made using traditional recipes.. but it is delicious just the same.  It’s creamy… easy to make… and the hearts come out picture perfect…. Mission accomplished!
Okay.. I know the suspense is killing you… two ingredients?? Minutes to make??? … the recipe uses canned frosting and baking chips… that’s it!
I tried making heart shaped fudge pieces last year using my traditional recipe…. I had more scrap pieces than beautiful hearts.. so I 86’d that idea for a post.
This year I started early experimenting… and came across this recipe from Betty Crocker… I thought it was worth a try.. and it was… just what I was looking for. 
I did make a slight change in method.  I melt the frosting in the microwave... not the chips.. I find chips can burn .. the frosting melted easily and perfectly.. so I dumped the melted frosting on the chips .. I did need to zap it in the micro after I mixed the chips and frosting..  this way the chips didn't burn.
Traditional fudge recipes have more ingredients… so way more expensive.. and take way more time to make…. this recipe is really quick and easy.. it’s not meant to replace your traditional fudge recipe.. just a quick alternative.
You can use any flavors you like.  I tried Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla.  In our house, Vanilla was the hands down favorite.  Chocolate was pretty good and strawberry just wasn’t our thing.  
In our opinion, vanilla tasted the closest to my traditional vanilla fudge recipe… considering the time and expense it takes to make the traditional recipe.. this one may replace it completely.
For the absolute best results, don’t cheap out on the ingredients.  Stick to name brands and make sure they are quality ones.  In my opinion, Nestle chips are good.. Ghiradelli is best… but you can decide that for yourself.
Now back to the flavors…
As I mentioned.. vanilla was our favorite… I really thought it had a fudge flavor.   
Chocolate was good but tasted a little like frosting… not a bad thing.. just not exactly like traditional fudge.. but certainly good enough to enjoy or give as gifts. 
Strawberry tasted like.. well… strawberry frosting.. or I would compare it to strawberry milk .. you know the kind.. that powdered stuff some people love.   I don’t care for it… so strawberry was not a do-over in our house… but if you like strawberry frosting or milk.. you will like this one.
I used vanilla chips with the strawberry frosting.
You can make any flavors your like… be creative!
I made mine at night… let it set overnight.. and using a small cookie cutter.. cut the hearts out the next day.
Line your pan with non-stick foil with overlap… so you can lift it out of the pan … place on a cutting board and cut your pieces.  If you are using a cookie cutter there will be scraps.. good for munching!
I really liked the texture on the top of the fudge.. it really looked so pretty on the hearts.
You have to try this.. a great little gift!

Recipe:  Easy Fudge Hearts
All you need:
Canned Frosting, flavor of your choice
1 bag Baking chips, flavor of your choice
1 inch cookie cutter heart shape (optional)
All you need to do:
Line a 9 x 9 or 8 x 8 dish with non-stick foil… leaving an overlap over the side so you can lift it out after the fudge is set. Note:  Either size dish will work.. the 8 x 8 just produces a slightly thicker fudge piece.
Place the baking chips in a microwaveable bowl.
Remove the foil from the frosting can, and place can in the microwave and microwave for about 40 seconds on high or until melted.. stir after 20 second intervals until melted.
Pour the melted frosting over the chips and stir until smooth and no lumps appear.  If it is still a bit thick .. microwave for 10 seconds on high and stir. (I did this)
Spread into the prepared dish.  Allow fudge to set … 30-60 minutes in the fridge or overnight at room temperature.   I did mine overnight on the counter.   After it had cooled for a couple of hours I covered it with plastic wrap.
Lift out the fudge from the dish and onto a cutting board… cut into small pieces or use a cookie cutter to cut shapes.

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