Irish Eggs Benedict

I love Eggs Benedict and when I saw this on a menu recently… I had to try it.  Instead of  Canadian bacon or ham on the English muffin… it had corned beef hash.  I thought it was an odd mix.. corned beef hash and Hollandaise sauce … but thought I’d try it.. sooo glad I did.. I absolutely loved it… in fact.. I think I like it better than the traditional Eggs Benedict.
This is a perfect meal for breakfast or brunch, lunch or even a supper.
Not a lot of tips here…
When you make the hash… dice the potatoes small.. the size you get frozen in bags.
Follow my Corned Beef Hash recipe here…. It uses left over corned beef… which is best.. but what I especially liked was the addition of sautéed peppers… it really makes this a flavorful dish.
Either poached or even a once over easy fried egg will be great with this.
Try poaching the eggs in the oven… great for making poached eggs for a bunch of people.  Click here for the “How to Poach Eggs in the Oven” post.
Watching carbs?  Go easy on the potatoes in the hash or leave them out… instead of the English muffin.. just use the hash… the only carbs then are the few in the Hollandaise sauce…
A quick snip of chives over the top makes a really nice presentation.
I hope you try this delicious version of a great classic dish!

Recipe:  Irish Eggs Benedict
All you need:
Toasted English muffins
Poached eggs *See TIPS
Butter (optional)
Snipped chives for garnish
All you need to do:
Heat or cook all the ingredients and assemble.
Note:  To save time, make the corned beef hash ahead and heat in a skillet while the English muffins are toasting and eggs and Hollandaise sauce are cooking.
To Assemble:
Place the toasted English muffin on each plate.  A light spread of butter on the muffin is optional.
Place a generous amount of corned beef hash on top of each toasted half of the English muffin.
Place a poached egg on each half and drizzle (read pour) a generous amount of Hollandaise sauce over the top.
Snip some chives over the top and serve immediately.

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