Herby Turkey Bagelwiches

Okay ...another recipe for those turkey leftovers…. I know, I know..  that’s all you’ve seen is turkey, turkey and more turkey….but honestly you will love this one.
 We like turkey and don’t wait until Thanksgiving to have it… so recipes with cooked turkey are always welcome.
I love sandwiches made with bagels… and in upstate NY we have a fabulous Bagel place that makes the best sandwiches.  One of my favorites is their “Herby Turkey” bagel sandwich.   Unfortunately in south Georgia bagels are hard to come by, especially good bagels, let alone bagel sandwiches.  So homemade will have to do.
I did use store-bought bagels, admittedly not as good as NY Bagels, but not bad.
So what’s in a Herby Turkey Bagelwich?  Well… obviously turkey, I use the white meat from the breast…. Chive and Onion cream cheese spread (any brand will be fine .. I use Philadelphia Brand), sun-dried tomato paste or spread and leaf lettuce… oh and any bagel of your choosing.
Try it you will love it!

Recipe:  Herby Turkey Bagelwich
All you need:
Turkey breast meat, sliced
Sun-dried tomato paste or spread
Chive and Onion Cream Cheese Spread
Leaf lettuce
All you need to do:
Slice the bagel(s) in half (side to side).  Spread the sun-dried tomato spread on one side and Chive and Onion Cream Cheese on the other.  Layer sliced turkey breast on one of the sides, top with a piece of leaf lettuce.  Place the other side of the bagel on top.  Cut the bagel in half and serve.

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