Tootsie Pop Ghosts

Halloween is just around the corner.. and I'm always looking to find ways to make it festive.... while this isn't a recipe.... it's a quick and easy..How-To...
I used a cheap piece of white cloth I find at the fabric store... and piece of white cotton will work...  even a paper towel ... but.. if you do use a paper towel make sure you use a ball point pen or crayon.. marker will run.
Skinny ribbon works best... we fooled with a thicker ribbon... Warren made a little tie.. cute.. but not easy to do...
I used pinking shears to cut a 9 inch by 6 inch piece of cloth... it doesn't have to be exact... crooked lines don't matter too much...
I used a half ball of florist styrofoam I got at Michaels.... in fit perfectly into a little black bucket they also had... a little straw to cover the styrofoam.. and the pops stuck in nicely...

All you need:
White cloth
Pinking shears
Skinny black and orange ribbon
A black sharpie
Tootsie Pops
All you have to do:
Cut the cloth into approximately a 9 inch by 6 inch rectangle with the pinking shears.
Lay the Tootsie Pop on the cloth with the pop about half way down the center of the cloth (the long way)... pull the top of the cloth over the pop and tie it with a strand of skinny ribbon.  Tie it tight with a knot then tie a bow.
With the sharpie, make eyes and a mouth... and you're done!

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