Spooky Deviled Eggs

Looking for foods to serve at a Halloween gathering? .... Try these Deviled Eggs.... easy to make... and decorate... and so cute!
You can use any deviled egg recipe you like.. just use BLUE food coloring... I made 6 eggs... and with the recipe below... about 2-3 drops of blue food coloring made a true shade of green.... go it slowly... you can always add more... just use a drop and mix.. then another drop etc.... until you get hte shade you want.
Use older eggs for easier peeling.
I bought pitted whole black olives... my brand listed them as "large" .... I cut them in half... and stuffed  a piece of diced pimento in the whole.. some took a couple of pieces of pimento...
I would have liked to do red lines... but didn't have a red food marking pen.. you can get them in the baking section where you would find Wilton products in specialty stores.
Easy as can be.. hope you try them!

Recipe:  Spooky Deviled Eggs
All you need:
6 hard boiled eggs
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
About a tablespoon yellow mustard
Tabasco sauce to taste
Salt to taste
White pepper to taste
Blue food coloring
pitted whole black olives
Diced pimentos
All you need to do:
In a small bowl, mash the yolks, add the dry mustard, yellow mustard, mayo, salt, white pepper and Tabasco.  When smooth ... add a drop of blue food coloring.. continue to add food coloring until you get the shade of green you want.
Fill the deviled mixture into the eggs.
Slice the olives in half and fill the hole with diced pimento... then push the olice into the center of the green mixture...
Place on a serving platter and enjoy!

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annies home said...

love these eggs so super fun

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