Leftover Tips and Ideas

I decided a while ago to add a new section to my blog and am finally getting around to adding it... one that deals with Leftover Ideas...

Not everyone loves Leftovers.. we do.. honestly.. both Warren and I can eat a repeat meal of just about anything... but... we also enjoy turning leftovers into a new meal altogether.
Turning a Leftover into a different meal really is an art... one that stretches a food budget... it saves loads of time .. it makes it possible for singles and couples to make meals that are difficult to cut back to single or two servings .... just use the first meal as intended and use the leftovers to make another dish entirely....  it also makes meals interesting.... banish boring leftovers!
In keeping with my mission for Cooking Tip of the Day.... I hope this series gives you great tips and recipes to use for, as Sandra Lee says, your "Round Two" meals... but even more importantly... gives you inspiration to try your own variations of Round Two meals.
So... let's start!
The picture above is Creamy Chicken and Vegetables in puff pastry shells.... made quickly and easily from leftover Super EasyChicken and Dumplings... made in a crock pot and is another really easy meal that requires virtually no work.   Click here ... to read the post for Creamy Chicken and Vegetables.

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What's more comforting on a cold day than Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup? .. and it's so easy to make!

Chicken Noodle Soup