Recipe: Hearty Sausage Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast is my favorite meal.. I can enjoy it anytime of day... I can think of hundreds of wonderful dishes to make for breakfast... this recipe for a Hearty Sausage Breakfast Skillet is a favorite... especially for my manly man.
This skillet breakfast is made in one pan... a heavy cast iron skillet works best... and is perfect for camping too.
You can significantly cut the fat and not the flavor by making a couple of substitutions...
Turkey sausage can be subbed for the regular breakfast sausage.
My breakfast sausage doesn't render much fat... if you find that yours doesn't either... after taking out the cooked sausage, add a bit of butter or margarine or cooking oil spray to the pan.. the potatoes just need a very light coating to crisp up.
You can use egg substitute instead of eggs ... and that dash of milk you put in the eggs can be fat free milk.
I use red, green and yellow bell peppers... they add wonderful color and each add a slightly different pepper flavor... but if you don't have all three on can use only one kind or two instead.
I cut the onion in half .. then slice it.
I like to use shredded cheddar cheese.. you can use whatever cheese you like.
The ingredients listed are for one breakfast skillet... have more to feed? ... use a larger pan and add more ingredients.. use as much or as little as you like...
Try this ... it's not only a manly man breakfast... girly girls like it too!

Recipe:  Hearty Sausage Breakfast Skillet
All you need:
1/4 pound bulk breakfast sausage
1/2 small onion
1 tablespoon chopped green pepper
1 tablespoon chopped red pepper
1 tablespoon chopped yellow pepper
1 large mushroom, sliced
1 medium potato, peeled and diced
1/2 tablespoon butter or cooking oil spray * optional - See TIPS
3 eggs
Dash of milk
Sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese
All you need:
Cook the sausage in a heavy skillet, breaking it into small pieces as it cooks.  When fully cooked, remove the sausage to a small bowl and leave about a tablespoon of rendered fat in the pan, just enough to lightly coat the potatoes when you add them. 
If there isn't enough fat, add a bit of cooking spray to the pan (remove the pan from the heat to spray the pan).
Add the potatoes and toss in the pan to evenly coat them.  Cook until potatoes are cooked and lightly crisped.  Use a spatula to flip them around so they get crisped more than one side.
Add the onions when the potatoes are soft but not crisped yet... add the peppers and the sliced mushroom just before the potatoes are finished crisping.
Add the cooked sausage back and stir to mix.
In a medium bowl lightly beat the eggs and milk.   Pour the egg mixture over the cooked vegetables and stir.. cook over medium heat, stirring until the eggs are fully cooked.  Sprinkle with the shredded cheese and allow the cheese to melt.
Serve immediately in the skillet.

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