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Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

I thought I would do a quick post of my Quick and Easy Halloween Treats that I've recently posted...

I always liked to make holidays special for my son when he was growing up...  and while I adore Martha Stewart.. most of her stuff was just not happening..  I had limited time and resources... so it was nice to find a few things that make the day special and that don't require a lot of time and money..fun stuff.

Mummy Dogs... these cute little guys are sure to make a kid smile... serve them with Tater Tots and it's a great little meal.

Witch's Hats... who doesn't like Fudge Stripes and Hershey's Kisses? 

Spooky Graveyard Puddings... cute and easy.. can't ask for more... having a party.. make a smaller version.. the kid's will love them!



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