Recipe: Italian Subs

Crusty bread… split open and stuffed with all sorts of meats and cheese… shredded lettuce, tomato, black olives and sliced onion… a drizzle of Italian dressing…. can you say yummmm?

These are great for watching the game at home or bring them for a tailgate get-together.. or even just for lunch or a light supper.. they're always good!

The other night I made Italian Subs for supper… and it got me to thinking… just how much more economical it is to make our own subs…. either as a packed lunch to work or a supper like we had.

I have “brown bagged” for years… I got into the habit during a tight money time when my son was little and I just kept it up for years. Admittedly.. though.. if I wanted a sub.. I did buy it… something about getting a sub from a sub shop … maybe it’s the bread or the combination of meats.. I’m not quite sure… but it appealed to me.

Appealed to me that is until the last time we decided to have subs for supper… the cost of just two subs was close to what it would cost for a week of lunch subs made at home… so I decided the next time.. I would make them myself.. and glad I did! They're quick and easy to make.


I loaded our subs up with a variety meat… have the deli clerk slice the meat very thin… it makes it easier to get it all into the sub roll.

Instead of using leaves of lettuce.. shred it like the sub shops do.. it’s far easier to put it into the sub.

Use whatever your favorite Italian dressing is… oil and vinegar is great too.

The list of meats are a suggestion… use which ever ones you like.

Buy the pepperoni at the deli counter.. it comes just like salami… and have the deli slice it very, very thin.

Instead of smoked ham… you can use prosciutto.

I served it with pasta salad… try it … you will be amazed how easy it is to make!

Recipe: Italian Subs

All you need:

Sub rolls
Shredded lettuce
Sliced tomato
Sliced red onion
Sliced black olives
Banana peppers
Smoked ham, sliced thin
Pepperoni, sliced thin
Genoa salami, sliced thin
Italian dressing

All you need to do:

Split open the sub rolls leaving the top and bottom attached.

Place some lettuce on the one half. Then layer some tomato, banana peppers and red onion on top of the lettuce and sprinkle some sliced black olives… then drizzle some Italian dressing over it.

Layer the meats and cheese on the other side…

Close the rolls and serve.

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