Recipe: Antipasto Party Skewers

I love the idea of skewers for party hors'dourves … each person gets to have the perfect mix of ingredients… these Antipasto Party Skewers combine the fabulous flavors of tomato, Genoa salami, cheese, pepperoni, smoked ham and olives… drizzled with a favorite Italian dressing.. these yummy skewers are perfect for a family snack watching the big game together.


Include as much or as little of the ingredients you want… other possible ingredients small pieces of red onion.. roasted red pepper strips…. different cheeses.. even pieces of lettuce folded or rolled and put on the skewer…. the possibilities are limitless.

Speaking of cheeses… I used mozzarella… but provolone would be terrific too.
I used thin sliced deli smoked ham.. prosciutto would be great too… I used what I had on hand.

Use any oil and vinegar based Italian dressing of your choice.

Serve with plates and forks.. so the ingredients on the skewers can be easily slipped off onto a plate and eaten.

Try these.. they’re easy to make and delicious…. and be creative!

Recipe: Antipasto Party Skewers

All you need:

Grape or cherry tomatoes
Thin sliced deli smoked ham
Mozzarella or provolone cheese, cubed
Thin sliced pepperoni
Thin sliced Genoa salami
Pitted whole black olives
Italian dressing

All you have to do:

Cut the meats into strips.

Slide the ingredients onto skewers, alternating ingredients.

Lay them in a dish and drizzle Italian dressing over them and let them stand for about 30 minutes in the fridge.

Lay them on a serving plate and serve.

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