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How to Peel Peaches Easily

Don't those peaches look heavenly?... and ohhh the smell.. so sweet... I love peaches... I can think of so many things to make with them... you too? I thought so...

Okay.. so you went to that Farmer’s Market… and simply couldn’t resist that sweet peach smell… and you bought a bagful… now what to do with them.. the options are limitless… including just eating them the way they are… always a good option.

But you’re thinking you want to maybe make something with them… ugh… peeling them… they do not peel easily with a peeler… the peeler gets all jammed up with bits of skin… yuck.

Fear not.. I have a great tip about How to Peel Peaches Easily…

Here are some easy steps…

Put up a large pot of boiling water…. a big pot you use for spaghetti will do nicely.

In the meantime, cut an X into the skin on the bottom of each peach.

Drop them into that pot of boiling water… about 3 at a time and boil them for about 30-45 seconds… I have the best luck at 45 seconds… although other sites say 30 seconds… it depends on the peach.. some can have stubborn skin to pull off.

Meanwhile have a bowl of cold water waiting.. ice water works really well.

Scoop them out of the boiling water and drop them into the cold water for about 30 seconds or until they’re cool enough to handle.

Remove them and put them a colander.

With a sharp knife start to pull the skin where you cut that big X. Now continue to pull the skin off with your fingers… and there you have it…

Cut those babies up and you’re ready for your recipe.. whatever that might be.



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