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Recipe: Smores

What can I say about Smores?.... toasted marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker… three ingredients … one glorious result… for a Smores fan.. you can’t get much better than this…


Don’t have a campfire? No problem… you can toast these over a gas stove… or even in the oven… set your oven to broil.. place a graham cracker on a baking pan with a marshmallow on top and place it on the middle rack in the oven.. don’t leave it .. they burn fast… it takes about 30 seconds…

Try white chocolate bars for a twist.

Try gourmet chocolate for a totally rich and indulgent Smore.

Give your friends and family Smore love… a quick and easy treat that’s fun to make!

Recipe: Smores

All you need:

Graham Crackers, broken in half
Chocolate bars, broken into a cracker size

All you need to do:

Toast a marshmallow… place it on a graham cracker… place the chocolate on a graham cracker and flip it onto the toasted marshmallow, chocolate side down.. press gently.



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