Recipe: Easy Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Ahhhh the house smells wonderful…. coffee brewing… Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes in the oven… some scrambled eggs cooking on the stove… me, mentally thinking… or I should say…. thanking… that person for pinning that luscious picture that peaked my interest…

I have been pinning lately… on Pinterest, that is… it has become somewhat of an addiction… I absolutely love that I can explore lots of different things… from the quirky to the normal and even abnormal…it’s all there…. if you haven’t been there.. go look.. you may find you really like it…. or just go there to see just what makes me go ahhhh.. see just what things lurk in this mind of mine… you may just be surprised… and you thought all I did was cook… ha!

Back to my story… I happened on a picture of a Cinnamon Roll Cupcake … yummm… it definitely looked mighty fine… so I followed the link …looked at the recipe.. ahhh it was from scratch.. not rocket science.. just your basic cinnamon roll recipe… make the dough, kneading and all… let it rise… yadda yadda yadda… mind you I love to bake.. but I just don’t always have the time to do it…. I thought.. hmmmm maybe I can make this by using a store bought can from Pillsbury…

So I poked around some more… no one had thought of using it.. or at least felt the need to only make it from scratch… so I began to wonder if I was nuts.. maybe I was missing something… maybe it just wouldn’t work with that short cut…

I had to try it.. I could just imagine that fabulous smell of cinnamon rolls baking…. and I was soooo right… these are sooo good and easy to handle… perfect for weekday mornings on the run… AND .. party perfect for a brunch… or maybe that food day at work.. or maybe just because it’s Tuesday…

Okay this "recipe" is more like a tip... but this is Cooking Tip of the Day... after all...


The absolute BEST tip I can give you for these… to make them picture perfect… use white cupcake liners AND use two not one for each….

BEST EVER TIP... Why use two liners you may ask…. ever notice you buy these adorable little wrappers and after baking most fade out…. bake them using two… they’ll look fabulous all the time.

The cut slices are just ever so slightly too big for a regular muffin tin… no problem… place the slice in the liner before putting the liner into the muffin tin then gently push it down… don’t push too hard…

The lack of room makes them bake upward and you get the loveliest looking cupcakes.

Shmear… like that word?... the icing provided on after they come out of the oven or use your own… either way.. they’re yummy!

So now the blog snob will have her nose in the air… and sniff.. it’s not from scratch.. nope it’s not… but then again.. I slept in this morning AND had my cupcake (or two) AND now I’m going shopping… she can slave in the kitchen… I’ll slave another day.. or maybe not… these came out wonderful and they’re not from scratch!

All you need:

1 can Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
Cupcake liners

All you have to do:

Preheat the oven as directed on the package.

Plop the slices into the cupcake liners.. bake as directed.

Remove from the oven and spread the icing on top while they’re warm…

Serve…. hear ohhhs and ahhhhs….Now tell everyone how you slaved in the kitchen.

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