Recipe: Cream Cheese Glaze

This is a Cream Cheese Glaze I use on breakfast buns… it’s from an Alton Brown recipe that he used to glaze his cinnamon rolls… I find it works well on other baked goods also.


Make sure you soften the cream cheese to room temperature, otherwise you get tiny lumps that are a pain to get rid of.

If you need to soften the cream cheese quickly because you forgot to set it out… read my post… how to soften cream cheese quickly.

I always use fat free half and half… his recipe calls for 3 tablespoons milk… if you use milk.. I recommend whole milk … it works best.

I also use more half and half if I want to drizzle this glaze instead of spreading it… keep adding until you get the right consistency for it… usually about 5 tablespoon of the half and half.

If I’m topping cinnamon rolls and they’re warm.. this recipe is about right becase it will melt a bit when spread on warm rolls.

This is wonderful on cinnamon rolls and coffee cakes.

Recipe: Cream Cheese Glaze

All you need:

¼ cup cream cheese, softened
3 tablespoons milk *see TIPS
1 ½ cups confectioner’s (powdered) sugar

All you need to do:

Beat the cream cheese until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and beat until smooth.

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