How to Pan Grill a Pork Chop

Ahhh.. summer… best time for produce… eating light… lots of salads… and grilled meats… but sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate… too hot.. too rainy… or maybe you don’t have access to an outdoor grill…

And then of course there’s winter when you want something grilled and it’s just not an option to grill outside or you just don’t want to… and believe me.. I’ve grilled my fair share in a heavy winter coat and gloves… my solution… I’ve taken to pan grilling… it’s just plain easier sometimes.

Grilling on a grill pan is very easy… and very quick.. perfect for a weeknight meal…


I have a cast iron grill pan… it really does work the best… they're not too expensive.. you can pick one up at an outlet or order online… it’s worth the investment.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using your cast iron pan.. and follow their instructions for cleaning it and keeping it “seasoned”.

An instant read meat thermometer is also a good idea… they aren’t expensive either.. but a word to the wise… the cheaper ones don’t last and are not as instant or accurate as the ones that cost a few extra dollars… I learned that one the hard way.

If you don’t have cast iron grill pan.. you can use a griddle or large flat pan…. the advantage to cast iron is how hot it gets.. it instantly sears the meat keeping in all those fabulous juices.

I find the pork chops in the meat counter already cut are not as thick as I like to make them… probably because they’re heavier and cost more and the average shopper may not need them as thick for other recipes… ring the bell and ask to speak to the butcher… ask him for a bone-in… center cut (loin) pork chop about an inch thick.

The loin chop in this picture was one we picked up at a specialty meat market… part of the bone has been cut off.. and a small piece of meat on the side of the bone remains… which is not usually the case… these were especially tender after cooking… I will insert another picture here after we purchase the next set that will look more typical.

You want an extremely hot pan.. just before the smoking stage of the olive oil on the grill pan. You can test how hot it is by sprinkling a few drops of water.. if it sizzles and dances across the pan.. you’re ready for business. BE CAREFUL… the water will pop back..

Don’t move the chop around.. otherwise your grill marks won’t look as good. You can move it once a side to criss-cross the grill marks if you want.

I hope you enjoy your chops!

How to Pan Grill a Pork Chop

All you need:

1 inch thick center cut (loin) pork chops
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

All you need to do:

Brush the grill pan with olive oil.

Sprinkle the chops with salt and pepper.

Heat the grill to high heat… just before the smoking stage of the olive oil.

Cook for 5-6 minutes a side or until internal temperature is at 145 degrees F. (this recommended temperature was recently updated by the USDA.. down from 160 degrees F.)

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