Recipe: Country Fried Steak

I may be a New Yorker at heart… but there are definite advantages to living in the south… well …the winter for one thing… weather down here is a tad better in the winter… assuming you’re not a snow bunny… and I’m not… and of course… the food too.

Oh .. I still am a salad and lots of veggies kinda gal… but then there are those times a little good ole home cooking does a girl good…

What better home cooking than Country Fried Steak. I have tried making it over the years … I used to use cubed steak.. and frankly.. I didn’t care for it.. tough as nails ..

So I headed to the meat department of my local grocery store… and lo and behold I found steaks labeled for cooking Country Fried Steak.. now how great is that??

The steaks were labeled…. Beef Round Eye Round Steak… so I grabbed a package and off I went.

I perused recipes and most were almost identical… so I settled on a seasoned flour and egg wash method… hot oil… not really much to the recipe…

Country Gravy is a must… along with mashed potatoes and corn or green beans… corn it was… and supper was planned.


This recipe makes a tasty crust… but it will not make the batter type crust… so if that’s what you’re looking for.. you best keep looking for another recipe…

I tenderized the meat … aka … smacking the Cr@p out of it… I laid down a piece of waxed paper… put the meat on top… covered with another piece of waxed paper… and away I went… you can use a meat mallet if you have one.. or I used a heavy metal pasta server… worked like a charm.. the meat just spread out nicely.

Don’t plan on cooking this long… I cooked it probably a total of 4 minutes… make sure your oil is hot…

My 4 steaks were small and thin… it was enough for two servings.

Serve with Country Gravy.

So here goes… another Southern tradition… Country Fried Steak..

Recipe: Country Fried Steak

All you need:

About a pound of round steaks
½ cup of four
Salt and pepper
1 egg beaten with 2 tablespoons millk
Oil for frying (about 1 cup)
Country Gravy

All you need to do:

Place the meat between two sheets of waxed paper and smack it a few times with a mallet to tenderize it.

In a shallow bowl place the flour and season it with some salt and pepper.

In another shallow bowl, beat the egg and milk.

Dredge the meat in the flour, shake off excess.

Dip the floured meat in the egg mixture, let excess drip off.

Dredge the meat again in the flour, shake off the excess.

Heat the oil in a heavy skillet. (350 degrees F)

Cook the meat for about 4 minutes or until golden brown, turning once.

Drain on paper towels.


Kat said...

Ah, a gal after my own heart! I love your description of tenderizing the meat! Thanks for the tip on what meat to buy, because like you, I am not a fan of the already "tenderized" version of the meat. It just falls apart. Gotta have the gravy too! My husband loves this stuff. I don't make it much, but is a treat a few times a year.

Linda said...

LOL... thanks Kat! YES! Gotta have the gravy... and it's so easy to make..

We don't have it often either... I don't fry a lot... clogged arteries are not my thing...but.. my southern man has put in a request for the batter dipped type of Country Fried Steak.. so eventually I will have to break down and make it that way too.

Thanks for stopping by!

bhinson said...

FYI - Cube steak IS round steak, run through a tenderizing machine. So I start with the cube steak and THEN beat the cr@p out of it. What's a hole or two? I've gotten them with holes at Chili's, when they used to serve Country-Fried Steak. GOOOOD STUFF! (When served with plenty of Country Gravy, of course!)

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