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Paying Homage to the Farmer’s Market

All across America, in cities and towns big and small… there are Farmer’s Markets… farmers selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to canned pickles and jams… flowers and plants… herbs and grains… breads and meats… the best of their crops…

Summer is here.. and so are these wonderful markets… and what better way for a true foodie to spend a part of a day on the weekend … working their way down the aisles of tables and bins…. picking the best of the best for next week’s meals…

Take a few minutes to peruse my slide show of pictures of a wonderful Farmer’s Market… if that doesn’t whet your appetite and get you going to one tomorrow… I don’t know what will…

So spend your hot summer day buying fresh fruits and vegetables and more… then come back and visit me and find some fabulous recipes to make with your bounty!


teacheranne27 November 12, 2011 at 8:49 AM  

Oh I recently found the joy of a farmers market!I had went before but had never really took time to look around .one day I had the whole day to look I smelled the fresh herbs I tasted samples of goat cheese which now is my favorite find I tasted pumpkin bisque and was in love with all that the farmers market was and is now that its cooler weather I know there won't be as many markets but if I find one I will be there my husband looks at me and shakes his head but loves the markets just as much


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