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Common Oven Temperatures Converted from Fahrenheit to Celsius

With the web the source of information for many people around the world, those finding recipes written using Celsius instead of Fahrenheit and vice versa need to convert it into something they can use.

Here is a bit of handy information to help you.

Common Oven Temperatures

The following equivalents are not always exact, however, they are an accepted equivalent to use.

250 degrees F = 120 C
275 degrees F = 140 C
300 degrees F = 150 C
325 degrees F = 160 C
350 degrees F = 180 C
375 degrees F = 190 C
400 degrees F = 200 C
425 degrees F = 220 C
450 degrees F = 230 C

For those that want to make the exact conversion.. here are the formulas to do it:

To convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

Subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature

Multiply the answer by 5

Then divide by 9

To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit:

Multiply the Celsius temperature by 9

Divide the answer by 5

Then add 32



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