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Recipe: Turkey Club Salad

This recipe for Turkey Club Salad was really a no-brainer for me… I wanted a salad… and all the flavors of a Turkey Club Sandwich without the bread… what could be simpler?

This quick and easy meal allows you to have the bacon… after all without the bacon a Turkey Club Sandwich would be just a Turkey Sandwich… and the same goes for the salad… and as long as you don’t go crazy with dressing… it drastically cuts the calories….

And for those of you like me that just love salads.. this is a great tasting salad…


If you want to cut fat and calories… use a low calorie and/or low fat or non-fat dressing.

My picture shows the salad on a plate without dressing… dressing to be added… to use less dressing… instead of making the salad as pictured… put all the ingredients in a large bowl and add a small amount of dressing and toss it.. then put it on the plate… you tend to use a lot less dressing when you do it that way.

I left off quantities, use as little or as much of each ingredient that you like.

I used Rotisserie Turkey from the deli counter at the supermarket… I like it because it is less fatty and tastes the most like those fabulous Thanksgiving leftovers.

I use 2 strips of bacon per person…

This makes a great lunch or add a small bowl of soup and you have yourself a great supper.

Recipe: Turkey Club Salad

All you need:

Salad greens
Rotisserie Turkey, chopped
Tomatoes, cut into chunks
Bacon, cooked and chopped
Dressing of your choice

All you need to do:

Layer the ingredients on a large plate.



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