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Buying and Storing Potatoes

With BBQ season upon us… what better side dishes than those made with potatoes… they go with virtually every meal.. and they’re so versatile … when I started preparing this post I looked over my recipe file.. and was actually astounded at the variety and quantity of my potato recipes… from salad recipes to mashed potatoes and everything in between… it seems I have hundreds of recipes for potatoes.

So what better way to start than with tips on buying and storing potatoes…


I know it can be difficult to actually look over all the potatoes in a bag… but I do try to look over as many as possible.. things to look for are..

Look for ones that are clean and smooth.

I try to gently squeeze them to make sure they’re firm.

Look for potatoes without cuts or bruises…

And don’t be shy about talking to the produce manager if you find all the bags have a soft or cut potato in them… why pay for something you can’t use?… most good grocery stores will remove a spoiled potato and replace it with a good one.


Store potatoes in a well ventilated space that’s ideally between 45 and 55 degrees F. I have plastic bins that have “grate-like” surfaces so air can circulate around them… I’ve found they do add to the shelf life of my potatoes…

Avoid storing potatoes in areas that reach higher temperatures, such as underneath the kitchen sink or next to heat producing appliances such as the fridge or stove.

Storing potatoes in the refrigerator is not recommended since colder temperatures cause the starch in the potatoes to turn to sugar … this will result in a sweet taste … it will also cause discoloration. If you have stored them in the fridge… to reduce the discoloration, allow them to return to room temperature before using.

Keep potatoes out of light, sunlight included.

Don’t wash potatoes before storing them, they will remain damp and cause spoilage.

If storing potatoes in bags, perforated plastic bags and paper bags are best for extending the shelf life of your potatoes.



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