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Recipe: No-Fail Yankee Pot Roast Gravy

This recipe is a version of my Mother’s recipe.

My Mother experimented with her Yankee Pot Roast gravy over the years… in an effort to make a more flavorful and healthier gravy, she would remove the roast and vegetables, discard the bay leaves and then take most of the vegetables that cooked in the pot with the meat and puree them with a little broth… then add it back into the cooking liquid to thicken it… the result was delicious… albeit a bit orangey in color because of the carrots.

The difference?... she uses more cooked veggies… especially carrots… she uses the cooked celery… I don’t… and I add a bit of flour to help thicken it.

So here is a No-Fail… perfect every time … Yankee Pot Roast Gravy.

Recipe:  No-Fail Yankee Pot Roast Gravy

All you need:

Beef broth (cooking liquid from the Pot Roast)
2 tablespoons flour
Pureed vegetables from the pot
Salt and pepper to taste

All you need to do:

Remove the roast and discard the bay leaves.

Puree about a ¼ cup of the cooked carrots, all the potato and onions with some cooking liquid in a blender, then add it back into the pot.

Then take about a ½ cup of broth and add two tablespoons flour and whip that in the blender and add that into the pot…

Whisk it over medium heat until the desired thickness….

Salt and pepper to taste.

Perfect gravy every time.



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