Recipe: Eggs Florentine

I realized recently that I hadn’t posted my recipe for Eggs Florentine… I was frankly shocked… I was sure I had… but nevertheless… I’m posting it now.

Eggs Florentine is almost as popular as Eggs Benedict… it makes for a nice presentation… and is absolutely delicious… of course you have to like spinach… hence the Florentine part of the dish.

There are a number of ways to make Eggs Florentine … you can toast English muffins and put spinach on the muffin… poached egg on top of that and then top that with a Mornay Sauce… and in case you’ve forgotten… a Mornay sauce is a light cheese sauce made with gruyere and Swiss cheese… … very tasty indeed.

My recipe for Eggs Florentine is slightly different… I don’t use an English muffin… instead … I put the spinach (and my spinach is not plain… but more about that in a minute) in a small dish… put the poached eggs over it and then the Mornay sauce tops it all….

What makes my Eggs Florentine special is the way I make the spinach… I use shallots and bacon in my spinach and the spinach gets sautéed…. About a week ago I posted my Sautéed Spinach with Shallots and Bacon recipe… that is the spinach I use as a base for this…


The Mornay Sauce has also been posted before… it’s a cream sauce with a Gruyere and Swiss mix … I usually buy an Artisan Blend from Sargento… if that’s not available in your area… you can use just Gruyere or just Swiss … or make a mix of the two yourself… my recipe also adds a bit of Parmesan in too.

As for the poached eggs.. make them anyway you prefer… you might want to give my way of making poached eggs in the oven a try… it really makes making this dish a snap.

Quantities are left off… determine how many eggs you’re making.. I always make two per person… but that is something for you to decide….and the accompanying recipes should make enough for about 4 servings (2 eggs per serving)… (I figure less spinach per person than as a side dish… so the spinach recipe should make enough for 4 servings of Eggs Florentine)…. You can easily double the recipes if you need more.

This is so easy… and delicious…what could be better?

Recipe: Eggs Florentine

All you need:

Poached eggs
Sautéed Spinach with Shallots and Bacon
Mornay Sauce

All you need to do:

Make the spinach and set it aside… keeping it warm.

Make the sauce and set it aside… keeping it warm.

Make the poached eggs.

While the eggs are poaching… put a helping of spinach in a small dish… spreading it out so the eggs will sit on top easily.

When eggs are done… place them on top of the spinach and ladle the Mornay sauce over the eggs .

Serve immediately.


Anonymous said...

SOunds great- but I could not click through to the recipe for the spinach. It says URL is invalid. I'll check back later- looks amazing!

Linda said...

Thanks Sherri....thank you for letting me know about the links... I fixed them...I appreciate your help!
Thanks for stopping by... and have a great day!

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