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Recipe: Eggs Beauregard

Eggs Beauregard… if that doesn’t sound southern… I don’t know what is…. I came across a description of this dish not long ago…. It’s simply… a biscuit…. Layered with a sausage patty… then a fried egg… topped with sausage gravy… yummmm… truly a terrific way to start your day.


Make your own sausage gravy… you can make it in 5 minutes.. it really is easy… see my recipe….

You can use any biscuits you like… homemade… store bought… Pillsbury canned…
Any breakfast sausage in a tube is good… get whatever brand you like.

I didn’t list quantities.. because they depend on how many of these you make…. I suggest figuring two sausage patties and two fried eggs per person. I always split the biscuit and put a patty and an egg on each half.

Try this … a wonderful southern breakfast.

Recipe: Eggs Beauregard

All you need:

Biscuits (homemade or store bought)
Cooked breakfast sausage patties
Fried eggs (any way you like them)
Sausage Gravy (my recipe or yours)

All you need to do:

Split the biscuit in half.

Put a sausage patty on each half.

Put a fried egg on top of the sausage.

Top with a generous helping of sausage gravy.



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